Let’s Take This Outside | 320 | Activating Every Square Foot of Available Outdoor Space

You might think the dead of winter is not the time to talk about outdoor entertaining. Creatives coast to coast are experimenting with outdoor spaces in climate-challenged environments from sub-freezing to blazing desert-scapes. When the ultimate challenge is finding ways to activate space, year-round, that’s when design get’s interesting. This conversation was recorded in January of this year, with a focus on figuring out how new ideas in landscape architecture and activated outdoor spaces can exponentially increase the size of a home. The following chat was moderated by Urban Bonfire’s, Ryan Bloom and features designers, Ariel Johnson and David Dalton as well as architect, Douglas Burdge. You are going to hear strategies from some of the best in the business. So, let’s take this outside.

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Thank you, Ariel, Doug, David and Ryan. Great work. It bogles the mind to think about what is possible with outdoor spaces today and even more son, what will be available when the global supply chain catches up with our pent up demand. 

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