Resort Living Made Modern | 316 | If You Love Luxury Resorts, Why Not Make one Home

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with an exploration of luxury design through the lens of Montage Hotels and Resorts and a focused look at the new Healdsburg residences.

If you love luxury travel, a visit to one of the global Montage Resorts is probably on the list of things you long for. Montage has earned a reputation for crafting unique experiences that are authentic to each resort location. Montage International is a company built to provide ultra-luxe, unique lodging experiences to their guests. That is essential to know as I set up these next two conversations. You are going to hear from Earl Wilson of BAR Architects and then, Tina Necrason, EVP of Residential for Montage. This conversation revolves around the new Healdsburg Residences, a part of the Montage Resorts residential portfolio.

How do you transfer that feeling of peaceful relaxation from a world-class hotel experience to a residence where the home owner can experience it daily? When you have the weight of a global, luxury hospitality firm behind you, what can you do with each residence which is essentially a blank canvas? These are just a few of the things I wanted to know, but there is way more than that.

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