Special Series on Designing for Disaster | 6 | Architect William Hefner on Creative and Effective Use of Space

This is a look at the COVID – 19 pandemic from a different perspective. You already know about washing your hands and staying at home. But, staying at home has created a whole new set of unforeseen issues. Our homes were not created to serve as home, office, school, restaurant, daycare all at once. This series of episodes is designed to address the fact that most if not all of us are home weathering out this pandemic, hopefully, this provides you with some inspiration and makes weathering this a little bit easier.

This episode features William Hefner of Studio William Hefner, a globally recognized and celebrated designer whose eponymous design firm, at any given time, has projects in multiple locations across the globe. So, to speak with Hefner about how all of us can ‘tweak’ our home situation to better weather this stay-at-home reality, well, needless to say, I am so appreciative that he took the time to do this.

You have been hearing from some of the world’s greatest design and architecture minds about how to make the best of this situation and the advice has been amazing. This is no exception.

In this episode, William Hefner talks about;

  • Look at your floor plan, find what’s not currently working, and reevaluate it.
  • Don’t become attached to the form at the expense of function.
  • Think big picture and learn from your home. Commercial design requires forethought and that can help now.
  • Blend indoor/ outdoor to find and use every available foot of usable space.
  • If this were to happen again in the future, plan now and fix it the moment you are able to do that.


What is the best use of space, Hefner talks about making it feel like you have to make the space work before you get attached to the design. There have been some recurring themes over the course of this special series. Light, space, functionality, and emotion. 

This has been an exceptionally trying time for all of us. For me, this has been wonderful in the sense that I have had the opportunity to make dinner for my family almost every night, spend more time with my kids. Quality time, going for walks and throwing the lacrosse ball, practicing soccer. We made a gym at our house and my teenage daughter works out with me. I have not only been hosting the conversations and presenting them to you. I have been taking it in as well. You are about to hear some fantastic advice from William Hefner, I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Thank you, William, for your time and talent. For more about William Hefner, please go to William Hefner dot com. Thank you, Walker Zanger, for your partnership and support of Convo By Design. And thank you for listening, were it not for you, there would be no Convo By Design. We will get through this, together. And until we do, I will keep bringing you the ideas from incredibly talented creatives to make this a little bit better. If you have a question, ideas for a segment or you are a designer that wants to help, please email me at ConvoByDesign@Outlook.com. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.