You Need Some Inspiration, Find it Here | 263 | WESCOVER

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is another episode of Convo By Design with an incredible digital resource for any creator, designer or artist who wants to get some new eyes on their work.

The resource is called WESCOVER, you can find them at WESCOVER dot com and you’re about to hear from Allison Murray, Content Director at WESCOVER. This is a digital portal for amazing creative work, they connect people, places and the work.

I spoke with Allison late in 2019 and while editing the piece, I was trying to find the best time on my editorial calendar to share this with you and then things sort of made the choice for me. 2020 stared off great in SoCal design… KBIS in January, Modernism Week in February and then coronavirus happened. The most amazing thing about creative endeavors is that they are an experience to be a part of and to share with others and when something like COVID-19 strikes, it makes the sharing part very difficult. There will most likely be many more canceled events in the spring and possibly summer months. The life’s blood of creative types is the export of work and import of inspiration. This is about connections and finding new sources of inspiration one artist, designer, architect, creator, or podcaster at a time. This is Allison Murray, Content Director of WESCOVER.

That is a wrap on this episode of Convo By Design. Thank you, Allison, for your time. Thank you, Walker Zanger, for your generous support of the show and thank you for listening and subscribing to the show. If you haven’t yet, it’s easy. You can find the show everywhere you find your favorite podcasts or ask Alexa. Say, “Hey Alexa, play Convo By Design podcast.”, and she will. Until next week, stay healthy and keep creating.