Lone Star House of Design | 1 | Tracy Martin Taylor from Eleven 11 Design

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Lone Star | House of Design, produced and distributed by the team that brings you Convo By Design with another story about design and architecture from the Great State of Texas.

This is the inaugural episode of Lone Star House of Design so I think I should probably back up a bit and explain where this came from for those new to the show. I’m Josh Cooperman, I host and publish Convo By Design, a podcast about all things design and architecture covering Southern California and a bit beyond. I have been hosting and publishing Convo By Design for seven years as of this recording with over 260 episodes of the podcast, 200 videos on the YouTube channel, over 50 live panels, and events produced and I have hosted well over 500 interviews with some of the most amazing and talented creators in the biz today. I am a design enthusiast with a background in broadcasting. I produced a design house here in Los Angeles in 2012, contributed editorial to some of California’s most forward-thinking home decor magazines and I produce panel conversations for design-focused events in California as well. All this being said, I produce Convo By Design and now Lone Star House of Design because I love the design and architecture space.

The creators you will hear from on Lone Star House of Design are taking Texas design to new heights through brave choices, incredible creativity, and brilliant business minds. You are going to hear about how they craft their creations as well as their design firms. this is how design is changing the landscape across the great State of Texas, this is Lone Star House of Design.

The first episode features an amazing designer and a really good friend. Tracy Martin Taylor is the principal designer behind Eleven 11 Design. She is also a former boss of mine when I lived in Dallas. Tracy is a creative mind like none I have met before. Her creativity is immense, her compassion, even greater and her skill as a business owner is why Tracy is so successful in this, her second career.

Tracy and I discuss our past which led to her design firm, the tough choices she made to get where she is and how the state of design is growing across the Metroplex and beyond.

Thank you, Tracy Martin Taylor, of Eleven 11 Design, that was fun and I truly appreciate the time. Please subscribe to the show so you catch every episode of Lone Star House of Design and Convo By Design, ask Alexa or Siri, say, “Hey Siri, Play Convo By Design” and she will. You can follow the show on the socials as well, @ConvoXDesign with an “X” on Instagram and check out the YouTube channel for videos from some of your favorite episodes. Thank you for listening and until next week, Keep creating.

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