Four Designs in One Amazing House | 230 |Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts 2019 Part One

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This is a look back at the 2019 Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. A phenomenal accomplishment this year. The project reimagined the Boddy House located inside Descanso Gardens. It is a big property. One of the things that always surprises me is how the designers can come in, apply their creative vision and somehow, it all seems to work cohesively with the work of all the other designers. This year is no exception to that phenomenon. Okay, I am keeping my commentary brief here because we have over 16 amazing designers to speak with. I am not going to try and put every designer on one episode because that would be completely exhausting for you. I am going to put this out in four parts with four designers each.

As has been my process for the past year or so, I have video and imagery to compliment the podcast. Listen to the episode and hear how the designers crafted their spaces. They share the stories behind the designs, then make your way over to the Convo By Design YouTube channel and see their work for yourself. My hope is that this will give you an experience that is a close as possible to actually being there, but you can’t because the 2019 Pasadena Showcase House is now closed. I hope you enjoy the tour.

Designers in this episode include:

Taylor Jacobson
Taylor Jacobson Design
Instagram: TaylilJay

Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Design
Instagram: JeffreyDesigner

Lynnea Shwieters
Lynnee Jean Interior Design
Instagram: @LynneaJean

Shari Tipich
Shari Tipich Decorative Artist
Instagram: @ShariTipichArtist

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts
Instagram: @PasadenaShowcaseHouse

Thank you to the amazing artists and designers. Thank you Pasadena Showcase House for letting us be a part of the magic you create each year!