Shirry Dolgin | 227 | Mastering Experiential Design

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I’m not going to lie. I love doing this. As much as I love doing this, it still gets to be a grind sometimes. I find myself telling you about exotic locations and amazing spaces crafted by extraordinary designers and architects, while I am sitting at an edit bay and, it gets tough sometimes. That being said, it took me literally decades to turn my passion into a viable business. No different from how you started your business. Ups downs and plenty of hard work.

The best part about doing this are the conversations I have with the creatives that appear on the podcast. On this episode, you are going to hear from designer Shirry Dolgin. Like me, Shirry is a native Angeleno. And I had to warn her, don’t tell me you are a native Angeleno because I am going to start telling stories about growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the 1980’s. In the Valley during the Valley Girl days was as extraordinary as you might think. sleeveless aqua shirt, red parachute pants and bright white Nike high tops with the fat laces. The Z Cavariccis with every leather jacket that ever appeared in a Michael Jackson video. Spring break in Palm Springs before Sonny Bono, not cool Sonny and Cher, Sonny, but Mayor Sonny Bono killed it. A time when the remnants of 1970’s design, sunken living rooms, macrame and pot plants growing in the back yard met Miami Vice, aqua, pink, chrome and glass. It was an amazing time. Why am I telling you this? Because Shirry and I got to talk about that LA which led to a longer chat about this LA.

Shirry grew up in that LA on job sites because her father was a general contractor. She witnessed a time when playfulness and hand crafted California style was in a constant state of flux. That experience and experimentation gave Shirry an opportunity to craft and design her own style, which she has, flawlessly. And she is going to tell you all about what make her design so uniquely hers here ion this episode of Convo By Design.