Jamie Young Co. | 226 | Building A Global Design Brand

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Two artists, Jaime Young Jeter and David Jeter took a trip to Mexico. A day trip for these two travel loving artists. They discovered a roadside shop, loaded up on Mexican artifacts and headed home. They sold the entire thing to a florist and realized that there might be a market for this. Here is a question, how many of us have traveled to distant and not so far away locations , seen amazing things we thought might sell well back home and figured, eh, someone is probably already doing that. You can’t see this, but my hand is raised. That being said, those opportunities are always out there and that’s why I wanted to speak with Jaime Young. I wanted to know how she built the Jaime Young Company. Jaime and David have a flourishing business that thrives on partnerships, licensing and product development. Great design starts with stories like hers.