Design Rewind: feat Kathryn M Ireland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Christopher Farr

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After five years doing the #podcast, 200 podcast episodes and 150 videos on YouTube, this might be a good opportunity to republish some previous episodes of the show, schedule permitting. I am publishing #ThrowbackThursday episode featuring guests and conversations you haven’t heard in a while…. Like this one.

These TBT episodes have been so much fun for me. It’s been like going through a box of family photos. Each conversation has special memories for me. and this one is very special. When you get a group like this on stage, talking about this topic as it relates to designers, you have me hooked and I think you will really enjoy this fun, smart and snarky conversation with some AMAZING individuals. This was originally recorded from the WestEdge #Design Fair in 2014 and I published it in 2 parts, episodes 28 and 29. It is called…

Built to Last: Developing a Brand Legacy in the Design World

Your brand identity is the single most important factor in building a distinctive, impactful, timeless business. Are you harnessing it to its full effect? This is how to set yourself apart in today’s fast-paced market and build a business of genuine integrity with impeccable products and services that stand the test of time according to some industry giants. Moderator and design icon Kathryn Ireland speaks with Russ Diamond, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Thomas Lavin and Christopher Farr about brand, branding and design. Product lines and promotion. I forgot just how wonderful it is to hear this group go back and forth. Buckle up, it’s a fun ride…

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