Kelli Ellis & Erika Heet | 194 The Insiders Guide to Getting Published

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I was recording live from the WestEdge Design Fair and onstage with me are designer Kelli Ellis and Interiors Magazine Editor-In-Chief Erika Heet. If you listen to the podcast regularly you know that I like to go deep and focus on the less explored side of design and architecture. The business side is fascinating to me and these two women are hyper-engaged and have so much to offer. They are also polar opposites in their demeanor and style.

Conversations like these are fun, informative and also a little like doing the tightrope without the benefit of a net. Something really interesting about Kelli is her diverse background. She has a degree in marketing, studied law and has made a name for herself with her psychological approach to design. Erika is the Editor-In-Chief of Interiors Magazine and crafts a story like very few can. She studied english at Berkley and her work embodies a truly special approach to architecture and design. She too, knows the business well and that is where this episode gets interesting.

If you are a creative type and want to grow your brand. You are about to get step-by-step instructions.

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