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The LA Design Festival has come and gone this year. But, over the next few weeks and months, you will be hearing the conversations that were recorded live in the Convo By Design Audio Design Lab as well as panel conversations from the main stage at the event. Design really is for everyone, Haily Zaki, founder of the LA Design Festival is a believer and practitioner of that very concept. Following is a conversation with Haily that was recorded during this year’s event.

For me, the main take-away from this years event, same as last year’s, I learn so much from creatives in other disciplines. The artists, graphic designers, wood workers, product developers and others leave me with a strong desire to see how I can incorporate new ideas into the construction and recording of audio for memorable on-demand experience. You will be seeing some new elements in the weeks and months to come, so look out for that. Enjoy this conversation with the LA Design Festivals Haily Zaki. And if you do, please, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a five star rating and a review, it is greatly appreciated and it helps others find the show.

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