Built to Last. This is What Happens When You Blend Unbridled Talent, Uncompromising Quality and Passion for Design | 428 | Moya O’Neill

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design and today on the show, you are going to hear from someone with whom you are already familiar. You know her product because you hear about it during the show and I thought it was time for you to really hear from her, this is the create visionary behind the lifestyle brand, Moya Living. This is Moya O’Neill.

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Moya is not just a guest, not just a partner sponsor of Convo By Design, she is a friend, a superior creative and she has built this company around a product, as you have heard me say, is built like a tank and looks like a Ferrari. That’s not a sales pitch, its true. Why is that so important? name a company, brand, manufacturer or other purveyor of a product that makes a product so stunningly gorgeous that it’s style is enduring while constructing it of a lasting material like steel using best building practices as to make sure the product lasts and is measured not by years but by generations? You will be hard pressed to find another like Moya Living. Their process is a model for modern manufacturing. But is all starts with the vision. And, you are going to hear all about that, in just a moment.

Thank you Moya, I do love our chats. Thank you CXD sponsor partners ThermaSol, Moya Living and Design Hardware for making this show possible. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to the show. I hope you enjoy the show, that’s why I do this. I would also like to hear from you. I love the guest submissions and show ideas so keep them coming, email me convobydesign@outlook.com or massage me on Instagram @convoxdesign, with an x.

Remember why you do what you do and for whom you do it. Let that be the thing that drives you to push the boundaries and let’s keep moving our industry forward. Be well, and until next week… Take today first. CXD