Beautiful Books & Legendary Libraries are Must Haves in for A Well-Designed Home | 383 | Christy Shannon Smirl of Foxtail Books & Library Services

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a conversation about books. It’s more than that, really. It’s about special books, the kind that connect with those who love to read but also love the idea behind holding the book as they do it. 

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You can pop out the iPad, Nook or Kindle. Any digital device really and read material. It is an efficient delivery system and ubiquitous as none of us are ever really that far away from our mobile devices. But the idea of holding a book, reading the pages in anticipation of, not swiping but turning the page is an experience. Reading traditionally is a greater experience for many and that is where Christy Shannon Smirl comes in. She owns Foxtail Books & Library Services. They assist and consult their clients on building a unique library and the collection within that library to fill a void, a yearning really for an experience that only a library can provide. The services include curation, organization, appraisal, cataloguing and sourcing the right materials. It’s not jut about holding, touching and reading. It is an experience to match an escape into that thriller, comedy or  series of short stories. It’s the experiential nature of design. And you’ll meet Christy, right after this.

Thank you Christy. I appreciate the time and love what you do.  And thank YOU for listening to the podcast, subscribing to the show and for your emails. Its Summer in 2022 and travel is in full swing so you are going to be hearing episodes of the show from New York, Texas and LA events in the coming weeks and months. You are also going to be hearing episodes showcasing the work done on the 2022 Remote Design House – Tulsa. A project I am extremely proud of and really looking forward to sharing with you. Thanks again for taking part of your busy day to spend with me and the most wonderful designers in the world! Until next week, be well and take today first. -CXD