Lone Star House of Design | Kim Armstrong, Abbe Fenimore & Ann Edgerton

This is Lone Star House of Design, a showcase of amazing design and architecture from the Great State of Texas. This is a look back at some of the talents making Texas a hotbed for new, amazing, and world-class design.

Ann Edgerton is an interior decorator and stylist from Austin and we spoke about wide-open spaces that seem appropriate when talking about ideas emanating from Texas. Ann has a very unique design signature that maximizes space, proportion, and product blending to create unique environments. We talk about her approach to this blending of large spaces and cozy design, modern lines with rustic materials, cosmopolitan ranches, and living room offices. I think Ann has a unique talent for blending and molding space, materials, and color to achieve unique moments in design.

Kim Armstrong is a designer out of Dallas. She is fearless with color, surgical in her blending of materials and styles. I became familiar with Kim’s work through a friend in Dallas who is also a designer. When one designer tells me that I have to check out the work of another designer, that is a suggestion to which I cannot say no. And I am glad that I followed up because our conversation was fun, colorful and I think you are going to enjoy it. This is Kim Armstrong in episode number 5 of Lone Star House of Design!

Studio|Ten|25 is the Dallas based firm owned and operated by Abbe Fenimore. Abbe has earned a reputation for her playful style and unique interiors. She has earned the nickname, “queen of sorority houses.” I have never before spoken with a designer who specialized in sorority houses. I can tell you, having lived in a fraternity, college housing can take some serious abuse. Abbe has figured out how to preserve the beauty and high performance. She applies these same ideas to her residential and office projects. Abbe and I had a very cool chat about these and other issues that shape design and architecture in the Great State of Texas.

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