Crafting Style and Becoming One of the World’s Greatest | 245 | Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush, born in Long Island, to a family of dairy farmers, photographers, artists and designers. He studied art and architecture in New Orleans and Italy. Received his Masters of Architecture from Tulane University and then, of course he headed to LA to put it all into practice.

Jamie Bush is among the distinguished AD 100 and Elle Decor’s A-List. But, you already know that. What you probably haven’t heard are the stories of discovery, trial, failure, experience and ultimately finding the joy in design and architecture that propels Bush to strive for his look, his style, the feeling he looks for in a space and then crafting that space to match the way he feels it should look. This is about finding ones pace in the world and that magical skill of helping others determine what it is they want in a space and finding congruent between those two things. And we are going to talk about the boat, the house, I can’t do this justice so I am going to let him do it. This is architect, designer and incredible talent, Jamie Bush.

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