Masterful Application of Architectural Skill | 240 | Adam Sokol

This week, you are going to hear from architect Adam Sokol. Sokol’s educational resume is extremely impressive. Columbia, Harvard, Yale and the University of Paris.  If you are new to the show, welcome, you might not know this. Longtime listeners are surely aware, I think education is wonderful. Education of all types, not just those in the classroom. That being said, a university education at institutions such as these does give one access to individuals that one might not ordinarily have access. Sokol talks about instruction and access to those types of people during his time in school.

This impacted him both personally and professionally and I am really pleased to share his experience with you. You are also going to hear about his firm, the working some truly interesting projects that are helping shape Los Angeles and elsewhere. This is architect, Adam Sokol.

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