Brian Pinkett | 204 Creating Luxury as a Team with The Landry Design Group

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This is a conversation about teamwork, luxury design, collaboration and longevity. More specifically, how Brian Pinkett of the Landry Design Group structured his career. If that sounds contrived, listen to him describe it. He knew what he wanted to do at a very early age and built his work life around his passion. I wish I could have found my passion early, I didn’t and I would say that is most common. Ito took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do, what made me happiest. Brian found it early and he was able to craft his work life around that. The result is a storied career with the majority of that at the Landry Design Group where he is a big part of building and training a team to consistently attain some of the most amazing and luxury design in the business today. That team and the concept of team is of critical importance to the Landry Design Group philosophy.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Brian Pinkett and I hope you do as well. It was recorded in front of a wonderful audience at the WestEdge Design Fair. If you like this episode of the podcast, why not subscribe to the show? It’s easy, fast andYou can find Convo By Design wherever you download your favorite podcasts.




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