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This is Convo By Design with award winning set decorator, Victor Zolfo. Award winning…. Oscar winning for his work on Benjamin Button. I was really curious what that experience was like. How do you prepare yourself for the Academy Awards? Do you prepare a speech, or not? What if you win, what if you don’t…. I know, it’s an honor just being nominated. I’m sure that it is, but what if they don’t call your name? So, you get to hear it strait from someone who’s been there.

Zolfo has works on some truly memorable projects including The Avengers, The Social Network, Deepwater Horizon, Real Steel, Daredevil, Godzilla, and many many more but what is really interesting about this list is the diversity in his work. You have a range, yes in genres, but look at the diversity in time and feel. Victor’s job, his art is taking words from a page and crafting an environment so when you and I go see this movie, we believe that character but also that the character belongs in that space.

You are also going to hear Victor talk about films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the 2005 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie film that was rumored to be the start of their relationship. This film was really interesting as well for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that a main character is the house itself… And the house is killed off in dramatic fashion. How does Zolfo manage the process knowing the a film isn’t shot sequentially. You are going to find out. This is Oscar winning set decorator, Victor Zolfo.

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