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Wade Weissmann is principal and founder of Wade Weissmann Architecture. The firm has studios in Santa Barbara, Nashville, Millwalkie, Chicago and Pittsburg and Wade is a really interesting guy. He has a very eclectic sense of space and he balances that against historic influences to create really amazing environments. The following conversation is about craftsmanship, innovation and application of time-tested techniques. Wade talks about the influence of past masters and incorporating his own ideas to come up with a cohesive, yet vibrant and interesting style that changes constantly.

If haven’t already guessed, this was a fun, challenging and detailed conversation that was just fun and I hope you like it. This is architect Wade Weissmann. If you enjoy the conversation, and I hope you do, please give us a 5 star rating and a review on Apple Podcasts, that’s iTunes for those new to the podcast. It helps new listeners find the show and it is greatly appreciated.

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