Season 5 EP 11 – Ridge Mountain Majesty

I want to take you back a few weeks to Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Among all of the Mid-Century Modern homes to see, we also had a chance to tour a stunning project that was recently completed. This is a modern oasis in the foothills of Palm Springs, called the Ridge Mountain Residence. It’s a stunning piece of residential architecture from Steven Ehrlich and the firm Ehrlich, Yanai, Rhee, Chaney Architects.

The home was placed strategically on a flat spot in the hills, nestled between rock outcroppings to the point where it almost appears like the home simply grew out of the stone. To add even more visual detail, the structure is built of concrete and steel to which a rusted patina has been applied. And right about now, your saying, “but Josh, it gets to be what 120 in the Summer in Palm Springs. Is steel the best material to use?” I can’t answer that, but Steven does and his response to that very issue is going to surprise and delight you if you are a fan of great architecture, physics and engineering like I am.

Steven will also tell us about some of the art in this house. Pieces by, light artist David Weisman and works in reflective light and glass by artist Philip K. Smith. Then, we are going to hear from project architect, Megan Lawler and her experience through this five year journey. And since I know you want to see this, we are going to post video from this conversation on our YouTube channel and once you take in these views and tour the house, I think you will see why I am so enamored with this home. Truly an work of art in and of itself.

Enjoy this conversation with architect Steven Ehrlich and project architect Megan Lawler. If you like what you hear, and I hope you do, please go to “Ratings and Reviews” on iTunes, leave us a note and a positive review. Positive ratings helps us attract new listeners to the podcast.. and it is very much appreciated. Enjoy this episode of Convo By Design Presented By Snyder Diamond.

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