Season 5 EP 8 – Mid Century Mastery that is Positively Palm Springs

I drove into Palm Springs for Modernism Week this year extremely excited to catch up with old friends, make some new ones and see some of these architectural master works of mid-century modern design. I made one stop straight away. I heard about a neighborhood called Indian Canyons where a vast number of homeowners have painted doors with vibrant colors. It’s not just a few, and the colors chosen rage from pink to blue and everything in between. It’s not just a statement, it’s an identity. I found myself walking the wide streets of Indian Canyon snapping away at door after door. These low slung homes against the back drop of the mountains over Palm Springs was simply amazing. I felt like a kid on Easter morning searching for brightly colored eggs nestled in the grass, hidden behind trees and of course, finding those that weren’t hidden at all. There is an inextricable link between architecture and Palm Springs. That link is strong and ultimately why Palm Springs has survived challenging times, but thrived despite them.

Following is a conversation with Modernism Week CEO Chris Mobley. Modernism Week was officially started in 2006 but modernism has long been a part of Palm Springs. The original Mid Century Modern architecture and the very city of Palm Springs are synonymous with the hip happening vibe of the atomic, futurists, jazzy swing’ set. This year, I attended a group event, hosted by Snyder Diamond and featured some simply fabulous people and amazing events. We toured the Donald Weller designed Dinah Shore estate courtesy of Jaime Rummerfield and Ron Woodson’s SIA, Save Iconic Architecture. It was a great weekend and I am reminded that even if it’s not Modernism Week in Palm Springs, you can go and spend hours just walking neighborhoods shooting houses or simply looking around at the fun cool architecture and vibrant colors

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