Season 5 EP 7 – Richard Neutra VDL House

I am very excited to share this episode with you. I love doing this podcast and because of that, I thoroughly enjoy every interview, tour and conversation. In honor of Modernism Week, I bring you one of my favorites and a Southern California icon. I recently toured the Richard Neutra VDL Research House in Silver Lake, California. This property is not just a case study home but it was the Neutra family home for decades, in two very different forms. The first home was designed by Richard Neutra in the 1930’s and the family lived in the International style modern home for three decades. It burned down and in the mid 60’s, it was completely re-imagined by Neutra and his son Dion. What rose from the ashes was a simply magnificent structure that fit the lifestyle of the family it was built for like a custom made glove.

The lasting impact of Richard Neutra and his personal fit styling of architecture to embrace the occupants lifestyle and thereby enhance the quality of life is evident is virtually every aspect of the design and materials that went into this home. A seemingly transparent glass box with complete privacy. Small spaces that feel huge, a miniature kitchen that contained all the modern conveniences of the day and then some. This space is truly remarkable. I was given the grand tour by Sarah Lorenzen. Sarah is a professor in the Architecture Department at Cal Poly, owners of the property. She is the resident director of the Neutra VDL Showcase House and lives there full time with her husband.

Following is our conversation as we traverse through the many floors, rooms and hallways of the home. Please check the Convo By Design YouTube channel and instagram profile for videos and images from the home. We will also be producing a room by room walking tour of the Richard Neutra VDL Research House so check back often. Thank you for listening. If you like what you hear, and I hope you do, please go to “Ratings and Reviews” on iTunes, leave us a note and a positive review. Positive ratings helps us attract new listeners to the podcast.. and it is very much appreciated. Enjoy this episode of Convo By Design Presented By Snyder Diamond.

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