Season 5 EP 1 – Lori Dennis and Four Sophisticated Styles

A few weeks back, the show featured designer Lori Dennis in a conversation that was recorded from her amazing Los Angeles area headquarters. Lori and I covered a lot of ground about her background and her remarkable rise as one of the worlds best interior designers and phenomenally talented business professionals. I wanted to learn more about Lori’s process and invited her to be a guest at our first Convo By Design Green Room Project from the WestEdge Design Fair. The project was recorded live in the Convo By Design studios, presented by Snyder Diamond, designed by Kelley Jackson Interior Design, built by the Warner Bros Property Department and upholstery shop.

The following conversation features some of Lori’s favorite projects. These case studies were also filmed and you can see the projects Lori is speaking of by going to the Convo By Design YouTube channel. I wanted you to hear about these amazing projects and have the chance to see what we are talking about.

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