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EP. 145 Ward Jewell – The Culture of Architecture

It’s been said that culture is the the science behind design. That is no more obvious than in architecture. A dwelling is a manifestation of the culture around it. Some ideas are groundbreaking and they fall flat because surrounding culture wasn’t ready yet. The same can be said for the overuse of architectural styles long after society has moved on. Ward Jewell is a Los Angeles based architect with a significant roster of celebrity clients including Madonna, Warren Beatty, Candice Bergman and James Cameron. He has been featured in Architectural Digest, Dream Homes and Luxe Magazine. What is truly remarkable about Ward is his ability to wrap his architectural vision around a cultural construct. He makes better use of historical reference than anyone. What I mean is, Ward is truly a student of architecture. This stems from his early experiences growing up in a Wallace Neff house and a fluid understanding of what makes architecture both relevant and capable of standing the test of time. Following is a conversation with Ward that took place at the WestEdge Design Fair. We spoke in the California Beach Follies tent designed by Kelley Jackson Interior Design and built by the Warner Bros. Property Department. The conversation you hear will be paired with videos on our YouTube Channel featuring many of the projects Ward and I discuss here.

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